Excerpt About Faith

Faith is Seen More on the Emotional Level than as Something that has to do with Knowledge

Yes, but usually you don’t say that you trust the fire is going to be warm. Because you know the fire is going to be warm. There is no doubt in your mind. That’s why faith is contrasted with doubt. If I have faith, it means I don’t have doubt. When I say the fire is hot, I do not mean I have faith that it will be hot—that is not the basic quality of my experience. The basic quality is that I know it. Faith is seen more on the emotional level than as something that has to do with knowledge. It has to do with devotion or trust. Most people who consider themselves to be religious depend on faith. This isn’t really any better than belief. Belief is mental faith, and faith is the emotional complement to belief. When you have knowledge instead of belief at the mental level, what will the corresponding state at the heart level be? That’s what is called “certainty.” The certainty comes from the direct presence of what you know. The heart perceives Essence. The Essence is there, and the heart is tasting it. Essentially that is what the heart’s function is in meditation. It has a tongue. Each person’s heart can taste Essence. I’m not saying that faith is not useful. It’s very useful. The closer the beliefs are to the actual reality, the more useful they are. If what you believe in happens to actually be true—although you don’t know it—then your belief can lead you to the truth. Faith can be used in a good way.

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