Excerpt About Essential Self

Experiencing Oneself as a Brilliant Point of Light
The Essential Self is a clear example of a definite Presence with no boundaries; this is inconceivable under ordinary circumstances. Imagine a radiant point of light. It is definite, precise, clearly differentiated; it is a non-dimensional point. However, because it is a radiant point of light, it does not have separating boundaries. It is the source of light, and it is the light itself. The radiant light goes on forever; it is not bounded by spatial distances. Now if we imagine the light to be consciousness or awareness, then we have a very good impression of a definite conscious Presence that is boundless. One experiences oneself as a brilliant point of light, consciousness and awareness. Since one is a dimensionless point, one feels singularly definite, but one has no sense of boundaries. The Essential Self feels like a concentrated Presence, a precious and pure Presence of consciousness, with the characteristic sense of self.

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