Excerpt About Essential Identity

Implications in the Manifestation of the Essential Identity

It is interesting to know that the essential aspect of identity, which we sometimes call the Essential Identity, manifests as a point, a pinpoint of light and presence.1 This has far-reaching implications that are initially difficult to grasp. At the beginning of our journey, we wonder why the Essential Identity is a point. What does that mean? What does that have to do with our experience, and what does that do to our experience? How does the fact that our true identity is a point reflect in our experience and in our perception, inquiry, and understanding? The Essential Identity means the identity with Essence, the identity with Being. It is the true sense of identity. When we feel the Essential Identity, when we’re being it, we feel we are being ourselves truly and authentically. And there’s a sense of identity, a singular sense of “I” that is definitely, uniquely self-existing. You’re there, present as you, without that “you” being defined by any constructed concept. There is “I,” and you know there is “I” because you are here as “I.” The point is identity, a direct sense of recognition of one’s identity without history or mind. And because the Essential Identity is the prototype of identity, it represents the soul’s capacity to be her true nature, her essential nature. It represents being the essential nature on any level. When we are the Essential Identity, there is effortlessness, lightness, simplicity, and unquestioned preciousness. It is the simplicity of being and recognizing that “Yeah, that’s who and what I am. I’m here.” This is the Essential I as an aspect on its own, as an experiential category within the essential dimension of Being. But just as in the case of all other essential aspects, it has a specific function in relation to the Diamond Guidance. That function is to help us understand our experience through getting the point of what’s going on.

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