Excerpt About Essential Heart

Natural Generosity of the Heart

In this place, the heart is not divided. When we know the presence of love, we can actually feel that fullness as an expression of freedom in our personal relationships, because presence cannot be contained. In fact, the presence of our nature uses our heart as a way to show itself on a personal level in relating to other people. Our love is not limited, it is not finite, because our heart is not finite. Our heart is hooked up to a very big valve, and that valve can’t be turned off. The turnoff is in our own heart. Because we have notions and associations about love, we keep our heart valve mostly turned off and only let our love occasionally trickle through. But if we follow those dribbles back to that big vein, that mother lode, it is natural for our heart to open and flow. The heart is naturally generous, naturally open. In our natural condition, and when all is working well, love expresses itself in many ways. When the heart is open, it is a sensitive organ that loves because that is what it is here for. Just like the physical heart that keeps sending life into the cells as it pumps blood, our essential heart allows the nectars of our spirit to continuously flow. And we don’t have to run around physically hugging people; the heart is capable of hugging someone without their even knowing it.

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