Excerpt About Essential Heart

Constituents of the Essential Heart

There are certain essential aspects which are consistently connected in the minds of students with the mother or her image. Our observation is that in the unconscious these aspects cannot be separated from one’s experience of the good mother. This is because they were experienced mostly in conjunction
with good merging or good object relations with one’s mother in infancy. So they are associated with the good mother or with closeness to her. It becomes almost impossible for most individuals to imagine experiencing these parts of one’s Being except in intimate physical contact or similar contexts. We have already discussed one of these aspects, the Merging Essence. In the unconscious, this aspect is not only related to the good mother, but is experienced as the good mother herself. The basis of this identification, which is actually a projection, is the good mother of symbiosis, who is equated with the good merged experience. The Merging Essence-mother is related to as the source of the other aspects of this group. Thus one of the main issues about each one of these aspects is the belief that they cannot exist without the Merging Essence, i.e., without a merged kind of relationship or contact. Some of these aspects are the Platonic forms of Love, Value, Nourishment, Pleasure, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Contentment, and Gratitude. These are heart qualities, or forms of love, that are differentiated aspects of Being, not emotional or ego states. These aspects, plus the Merging Essence, constitute the essential heart, which the unconscious cannot differentiate from the gratifying experience with mother.

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