Excerpt About Eros

Sexual and Aggressive Energies

And that is something we find when we start to be in touch with this energy: It brings out more of the unconscious. There is a lot to this energy. It has both sexual and aggressive energies in it that we have used for survival purposes. The ways we have expressed it in the world or kept it repressed will come up more because we are exploring this. It is also important to recognize that being in touch with our nature is what is necessary before we start considering expressing it. It is a double-edged sword. Becoming more present brings out issues that we need to work through. Eventually, we learn that we can express this energy in a positive way; we can learn to express it with sensitivity, tenderness, kindness, and consciousness, but also with power. What we realize is that the power of our erotic nature is not a destructive one. It always comes with love. The motivation for creation is love.Surrendering to this energy is not a passive thing. It is a melting into our true nature, which imbues us with creative capacity in a real way. We can then be courageous and be vulnerable at the same time, because that is what it means to be who we are.

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