Excerpt About Eros

That Which Makes Eros Divine

We have begun the inquiry into the question of what it means to be a person in relationship to another person in a real way. The expression of divine eros emerges most explicitly within this context, although it is not limited to that. In fact, much of the teaching about divine eros was initiated and opened up by our experiences of the erotic nature of love in relation to the divine as the Beloved. For eros to be divine, we must express the embodiment of life and love as one. Having the capacity to be in the world in a way that does not separate us from spirit, while also feeling the pleasure of our energy, our erotic nature, our aliveness and love, makes life complete. We want to experience our humanness, but we don’t want to divide ourselves to do it. We want to know more about both the spiritual and the worldly reality and how the two interrelate, because they are naturally a part of what it means to be human.

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