Excerpt About Eros

Clarifying Conditioned Feelings about Love

In this territory we are exploring, we learn that love has more dimensions to it than we usually consider. We have already started to discuss some ways that love is more than the love we have known thus far—for example, that it is a presence with a textured, appealing quality. Emotionally, we can intuit that love is sweet and soft, but the more directly and immediately we feel and know that love, the more we are in touch with its palpable, textured reality. Then we are able to see that the essence of love is divine. However, because eros amplifies the force implicit in this love, it can bring up a lot of unconscious content for people. Many of you are already becoming aware of the ways that your ideas, thoughts, and conditioning have colored your feelings about love as well as about eros. Clarifying these, seeing through them, and understanding more clearly our relationship to love and eros will bring in more palpably the presence of love with the energetic power of eros. This will impact you in various ways. The expansion that results from going beyond your usual view and experience of love and the potent force of eros may bring a sense of liberation of heart energy or may rattle some of you a bit. But this will give you the opportunity to see the ways that your consciousness has been limited. Then, over time, as you understand that you are this liberated consciousness, you can learn to act from a new and freshly invigorated place.

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