Excerpt About Entityhood

Entityhood is Not Real
All of these spiritual ambitions assume that you are the entity you take yourself to be. It is very hard to pierce that assumption because it feels so real. You have felt it for such a long time, and everyone around you thinks and feels and operates as if we are all entities. We think it would feel very strange not to be the person that we usually think we are. Not being the person that you believe you are does not mean you will be a different kind of person or a different kind of entity. That is not the point. When you realize that entityhood is actually not real, your perception and view of reality alters radically. It is not like today you are the ego person and tomorrow you will be an essential person. You might have those experiences, but they are transitory experiences within the realm of the mind. The experience of being an essential person, even though real, is not ultimately who you are.

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