Excerpt About Entityhood

When there are No Separate Entities

Student: What does any of this have to do with our lives? What does the absolute truth, the night, have to do with my life?
Almaas: Many of us will ask this question. We have to get up in the morning, brush our teeth, drive cars, go to work; we have troubles, taxes, and all of that. However, when you actually experience and understand what the realm of the night is, when you allow the annihilation to happen, this question simply does not arise. The only thing that your consciousness will be concerned with is an appreciation of the beauty, majesty, and reality of the night. Who cares what happens! You are so bedazzled by the beauty that your heart is completely upside down, your mind is evaporated. So from this perspective, such a question simply doesn’t arise. Daily concerns and activities will be there, but as various differentiations in your consciousness, nothing else. That totality of the consciousness with all of its differentiations, which is the whole universe and all universes, is simply the clothes that you are wearing. It is the manifestation of your mind, the appearance of your cosmic body. So while you are brushing your teeth, who is brushing your teeth? You are not brushing your teeth, driving your car, paying any taxes. Nobody is paying taxes to anybody. There is only one, you see. Nobody has a hard time. Nobody is happy. There are no separate entities. There is simply a witnessing, an observation of all these things happening. On the level of the differentiated person, on the level of entityhood, this sounds meaningless and even terrifying. But our feelings will change when we realize we are not that entity. The entity can only look from the perspective of entityhood. If you are identified with being a separate entity, some people are going to give you a hard time, some people are going to give you a good time, you are going to be happy or miserable. There is no other way of experiencing reality if you think of yourself as an entity. You stop thinking this way when you go beyond the realm of entityhood. Then you realize one consciousness everywhere. You understand that you and the rocks over there are made of one blissful consciousness, one luminous light. Everything you see is made of the most scintillating, the most delicious and cozy intimacy.

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