Excerpt About Enneagram of Specific Reactions

Point 9 – Holy Love
The specific reaction here is the expression of distrust filtered through the delusion that lovableness and hence, love, are conditional. The soul goes unconscious or “falls asleep” to its true reality and the reality of existence. This falling asleep to one’s true nature is true of all egos—you can feel this quality in everyone whose soul is not awake. It is a particular state of the soul that feels groggy, barely aware of what’s happening, heavy, thick, and dull. The falling asleep is basically a giving up, a resignation, forgetting and going unconscious. Even if you had an essential experience yesterday, you don’t remember it today—it is as though it made no impression on your soul. It didn’t wake you up or change you. So regardless of what experiences you’ve had, your soul is still asleep, not awake to the objective reality of things.......... See also p225. We have seen how the specific delusion of this ennea-type appears in the specific difficulty of inferiority, and seen how this leads to the specific reaction of going to sleep, going unconscious. Another way of describing the reaction is that it is forgetting who you are and forgetting objective reality. This is why the particular practice needed to wake up is that of self-remembering.

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