Excerpt About Enneagram of Specific Reactions

Point 6 – Holy Strength, Holy Faith
The specific reaction of ennea-type Six is characterized by an alert, paranoid kind of suspiciousness, always being on the look-out for danger. If you are around someone having this kind of reaction, they might ask you all sorts of questions, and you can tell that the underlying attitude is one of fear, suspiciousness, anger, and aggression, as though they are wanting to expose some selfish motivation within you that they are sure is there. You can sense the fear and insecurity in the person, as well as their attempt to protect themselves; they don’t know whether they can trust you, and already suspect you. This reaction is a defense against an environment that appears hostile and threatening, but it is also the main defense against the inner sense of fearful insecurity. One is always suspicious and on the defensive, for relaxation and trust would bring an expectation of external danger, as well as the feeling of insecurity and vulnerability in the face of it.......... See also p243. So, in spite of the opposite styles, both a phobic and a counterphobic Six have the specific reaction of defensive suspiciousness. The former will withdraw and overtly display a suspicious stance, while the latter will charge ahead in order to override the defensive reaction. The defensive suspiciousness can be directed not only outward, but also toward yourself. This could take the form of being suspicious of your own motives or not letting yourself go deep inside yourself, because you fear what you’re going to find there, and you suspect it won’t be good.

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