Excerpt About Enneagram of Specific Delusions

Point 9 – Holy Love
If we don’t perceive this nonconceptual positivity, or if we do, but don’t believe it or take it seriously—which is to say that when Holy Love is lost to our perception or not understood—the result is the specific delusion of Point Nine. This delusion is not the belief that there is no such lovingness in existence—human beings can’t survive without some sense of love—but rather, that this lovingness is a local phenomenon, occurring at particular points of time and space. This delusion results in the belief that love is conditional, which explains to us why we perceive it at one place and time and not at another. On the surface, we sense these wonderful, beautiful feelings sometimes and not others; some people have it, others don’t; it is present in some parts of the universe and not others. But the actual core of the delusion is that love is conditional.......... See also p223. At advanced stages of the Work, after you have extensive understanding of Being, this reaction of being asleep manifests in not acknowledging oneself as Being itself. You continue to think and believe that you are not realized; you already know who you really are, yet you continue behaving as if you don’t know. It is as if you are not the one who is having all these experiences of realization and understanding. Identifying with the delusion of Point Nine manifests in not seeing, realizing, or believing that you are really who you are; that you are not really Essence and Being, or even a soul. You continue to believe that reality is what the social consensus says it is: the life, world, and personality of ego.......... See also p229. Many of us have feelings of inferiority about one thing or another. “My parents were poor and I didn’t get as many toys as the other kids, so I always feel inferior. I didn’t go to the right schools, so there is something inferior about me. I was never popular, so there must be something wrong with me.” There are so many causes that people pin their sense of inferiority on, causes which, from the outside, don’t make much sense. This indicates that there is a predisposition toward feeling inferior. To really see the delusion of ennea-type Nine, we have to see through all of these causes that our minds have locked onto, and see the naked sense of inferiority itself—the sense that we lack intrinsic goodness.

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