Excerpt About Enneagram and the Diamond Approach

Nine Delusions Arising from the Loss of the Nine Holy Ideas
The nine delusions arising from the loss of the nine Holy Ideas are the seeds around which the cores of the nine ennea-types develop, and while each is most dominant for the ego structures of that type, the nine are present in all ego structures. The delusions, then, form the nine principles inherent in all ego structures and lives informed by ego. We have seen how the loss of Holy Truth leads to the delusion of duality, and how out of this loss of true reality—this state of “the fall”—arises the painful sense of badness, guilt, and original sin. Self-blame ensues for not being divine, which becomes self-punishment and the attempt to avenge oneself. This constellation forms the core, the major psychological constellation related to this point of the Enneagram, out of which the whole ennea-type develops.

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