Excerpt About Enlightenment Drive

Engaging with Experience from the Perspective of Truth and Reality

The central manifestation of the enlightenment drive is not simply the feeling of the dynamic force or the feeling of the drive itself. The drive manifests as the actual engagement with the path, the engagement with experience from the perspective of truth and reality—and not only that, but as the continual engagement, the uninterrupted practice. This continual practice is the actual expression of the enlightenment drive. Feeling the dynamism of the enlightenment drive usually will lead us to practice, but it is not the same thing as practice. The practicing itself, the engagement itself, is the action of the enlightenment drive as it functions through the individual soul to actualize the possibilities of Being. When practice is continual, we realize that all the situations of life are occasions for practice, all the activities of life are part of practice. This doesn’t mean that you are supposed to be concentrating on your belly center at every moment. It means that even when you are taking a shower, it is from the perspective of the enlightenment drive, in the sense that it is always a learning and growing experience. You are not just getting clean; even getting clean is an expression of the enlightenment drive. You get clean as an expression of appreciating the beauty of reality, as an expression of being open to the possibilities of Being.

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