Excerpt About Energies

Source of All Energies
The dynamism of True Nature is the source of all energies, all forces, all power that we experience and feel and see in the universe. This creative dynamism not only accounts for our movements and actions and thinking, but generates the wind and the weather, the movement of the planets and the creations of the galaxies, the stars, the volcanoes, the hurricanes, everything. Some of them we might feel are beautiful, wonderful things as long as they don’t threaten us, and some of it can be devastating. But even hurricanes seem miniscule when you compare them with star nurseries where billions of stars are being created. I am giving you a sense of the amazing sea of energy and dynamism that we’re sitting on. It’s not just idle energy; it throbs and creates and destroys in a complete, orgasmic kind of climaxing. The Quintessence is constantly climaxing—it’s the ultimate Tantric adept. Each instant creation and destruction discharges the old and creates the new with complete abandon and release going all the way back to the absolute stillness of nothingness.

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