Excerpt About Endless Awakening

The Third Juncture

The third juncture on the path is essential activation, the igniting of red sulfur, the philosophers’ stone expressing its self-creative dynamism. Activation means that realization is alive, that it can spontaneously unfold to reveal the possibilities—forms, formlessness, and otherwise—of true nature. Activation ignites the process of a living realization by recognizing that all form and formlessness, all manifestations of true nature, are the selfsame true nature. The experience and realization of any expression of true nature is all of true nature. Even though I am talking about it as the third juncture, this activation does not necessarily come third; it can happen at any time. It might be that recognizing the primordial purity of true nature in necessary awakening activates this dynamism. Or the self-realization of primary awakening might spark it. Or we may first need to recognize and realize the nonhierarchy of reality. And, then again, none of these might do the trick.

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