Excerpt About Empathy

Empathy for Yourself

Empathy for yourself means that you know and are sensitive to where you are, rather than operating according to an agenda, a goal, or some ideal of what should happen. Using any method to get someplace or do something means that we are not attuned to exactly where we happen to be. This is because a method is a standardized approach to which the individual conforms. A true guidance, an intelligent guidance, a guidance that cares for you absolutely, will first have to see exactly what is going on with you right now and then respond in alignment with that. Otherwise, how will the guide know what your particular needs are? Our soul opens up most readily when inquiry addresses our experience in the moment. This is the function of the green latifa in inquiry—the essential Compassion diamond—for it gives us the capacity to be precisely and clearly sensitive to what is actually happening in the soul. So, not only does the inquiry reveal elements of our experience clearly and precisely, but the precision itself is nothing but the exact recognition of where our consciousness happens to be.

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