Excerpt About Emotions

Importance of Emotional Freedom

Emotional freedom and maturity are important for self-realization; disconnection from emotions will cause narcissistic disturbance even for those with a degree of self-realization. We sometimes encounter this situation in our work, when a student has done a great deal of spiritual practice but no work on the emotions. Since spiritual work exposes and intensifies both pathological and fundamental narcissistic issues, these issues generally distort or limit the person’s self-realization unless they are worked through. Without psychological understanding they are not easy to deal with. Emotional freedom and maturity is achieved through the transformation of oedipal narcissism (see Chapter 4). The disturbances related to this form of narcissism include immaturity or distortion of feelings. However, the self that appears as the resolution of oedipal narcissism is an essential presence, which forms the core and underlying ground of the emotional dimension. Thus, we see that defining the real self as the emotional dimension of experience excludes the deeper element that can truly resolve narcissistic issues.

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