Excerpt About Embodiment

Understanding of a State is the Actual Embodiment of the State

So, then you might say that you understand yourself. But this is not a description of who you are. It’s not the understanding. Understanding is not “I am such and such. I am joy.” A statement is not understanding. Understanding is the actual embodiment of the state, the insightful beingness of it. Understanding is the unity of Being and insight. Understanding love, then, doesn’t mean knowing love is this or that, love is good, love is sweet, love affects you in this warm way, love nourishes you. Understanding love is to be love in the moment, to feel what it’s like. If you understand this completely, which means that you are completely and totally love, with a discriminating consciousness of the state, understanding automatically moves the state to a deeper level. The moment there is completeness in that state, the insight is there—insight is the union of your mind and your Being at that moment. This is love. And you always know it, though sometimes you may not be able to say what it is. The moment this happens, there is no compulsion to continue experiencing yourself as love; only if it is objectively needed will it arise. The next thing just arises. This is the unfoldment.

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