Excerpt About Ego Structures

One Cannot Change One's Ego Structure

It must be clear from this discussion that one cannot change one’s ego structure. One cannot add new structures that are not part of early ego development, except maybe with dramatic, intense, and long periods of impression. And one cannot modify a particular substructure. In other words, one can neither create a new constituent self-image, nor change an already existing one. One can weaken or strengthen an existing structure; however, one cannot modify its form or pattern, because such form or pattern is the structure itself. For example, if one encounters an image of being unloving one cannot change it to an image of being loving. The arising of the essential aspect of love will not change this image. It will simply dissolve it for a period of time, and will make it less powerful and believable to the soul. When it arises again, it will be the same image of being unloving, but because it has lost most of its charge and power it will have less structuring influence on the soul, who will, as a result, be able to allow her dynamism to display the quality of love.

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