Excerpt About Ego Functions

Integrated Ego Functions Unaccompanied by Emotional Integration

It is not uncommon that an individual is successful, accomplished, and even creative, but feels no pleasure or value related to these manifestations of his life. He still feels empty, insignificant and shallow, with low self-esteem. What has happened in this character is that some of his ego functions have been developed and integrated so that he can function well. However, this was not accompanied by sufficient emotional integration and development. So he is an adult on the functional level but an immature child on the emotional level. His functioning capacities have exceeded his emotional development. The final result is that he does not feel connected to his functioning, and hence, to his accomplishments. His functional self is disconnected from his sense of self or being, and his actions are mechanical, even though efficient. He does not derive pleasure or value from them because he is not connected to them. He feels as if somebody else has done all these things.

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