Excerpt About Ego Development

Ego Development Dissociates the Soul from Her Essential Ground

Thus the nature of the ground of the soul and the nature of ego development combine, with great redundancy, to exclude essential presence from the identity of the ego-self. Thus the dissociation is not only contingent on environmental deficiencies, but it is unavoidable, since ego development is a natural stage for the evolution of the soul. (We discuss this point in exhaustive detail in The Point of Existence, chapter 12.) Ego development dissociates the soul from her essential ground in a still more complete way, not only constructing a sense of identity that excludes presence, but also patterning the soul such that her experience of herself is always through the self-representation. The self-representation does not simply remain in the mind as a mental content. Its various images and object relations with their associated feelings and attitudes become relatively fixed structures in the soul. To begin with, they are impressions in the soul because any experience is a form that impresses her field with various degrees of fixation. But when they are incorporated into the self-representation, the soul identifies with them and they become fairly permanent forms that structure the soul’s experience.

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