Excerpt About Ego Development

Progression of Ego Development

Ego development progresses through integrating impressions accumulated from the soul’s early experiences, primarily those with her primary caregivers. These impressions are basically memory traces of her interactions with her parents, first and primarily the mother. These memory traces are retained as images of the parent, of oneself, and the quality of interaction. The three constitute what is called an internalized object relation. The various object relations become integrated by the mind into larger and larger units until there finally results a super-ordinate self-image and object image. The overarching self-image, which contains all the memory traces of oneself (mostly vis-à-vis the mothering person), is a mental representation of the self that patterns the soul by impressing her with its content. In other words, the soul’s field of consciousness becomes gradually structured in a semi-permanent way by the development of this self-representation. The self-representation contains two primary ego structures: individual boundaries that separate the self from others, and identity by which the self knows itself. (See The Point of Existence, chapter 9, about the development of the self-representation, the two primary structures, and their relationship and differences.)

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