Excerpt About Ego Development

The Deeper Development in the Realm of Being

Our question is, can one truly assume one’s own individual characteristics and move towards maturity by merely developing a unified self-image and the structures supporting it? Our exploration, so far, of the Personal Essence indicates that a far deeper development, in the realm of Being, constitutes the true maturity. One might argue that there is not much difference experientially between the experience of the individuality of ego and that of the Personal Essence, and that the latter is the result of ego development. However, the case presentations and reports in this book strongly establish that the sense of individuation of the Personal Essence is quite different from that of normal ego development. The depth, profundity, definiteness and sense of reality are always experienced as unusual. Our students are relatively well-integrated. Psychologists would be likely to regard them as dealing with neuroses and some structural issues. The students are always astonished by the depth and reality of individuation in the experience of the Personal Essence. The sense of Being is very clearly not within the experience of ego.

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