Excerpt About Dynamism

Inter-relatedness of Inquiry and Dynamism

We see here how inquiry and dynamism are quite interrelated. In some deep sense, inquiry is the expression of the dynamism, the expression of unfoldment. The moment your experience is static, the dynamism is not creative and there is no questioning. Often you live in a rut without ever
questioning it. You are not interested, you are not curious, you have no reason to inquire. What does that mean? It means that your experience is so static that nothing is moving. The moment there is inquiry, we know that the unfoldment is happening again. Something new is emerging, and you find yourself wondering what it is. Or you start to see the old and familiar in a new way: “How come I’m living in such a rut?” However the newness appears, the dynamism has to be presenting something for the inquiry to begin. So as we see, questioning, which is the essence of inquiry, is actually an expression or a reflection of the dynamism. Inquiry is basically a challenge to what we think we know. We ordinarily believe that we know who we are, what we are, what we are going to do, what life is about, what should happen. Inquiry means challenging all these things. Do we really know? Through inquiry, you learn how to navigate through your not-knowing. You will find out where you are going through the unfoldment of your own dynamism: “Where is it taking me? Am I going to become a monk? Am I going to become a householder? Am I going to be a computer analyst, a soldier, a teacher, a lover, a husband or a wife?” The more any inquiry is open ended, the more its power is released. That power is the power of the dynamism of Being itself.

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