Excerpt About Dynamic Presence

Experiencing True Nature on the Dimension of Dynamic Presence

Such understanding can be the entry point to the dimension of dynamic presence. Here we experience ourselves as boundless and infinite, pulsing and throbbing with energy and vigor. We experience true nature on this dimension as presence that is energetic, active, and dynamic. It is pulsing and throbbing, full of force and power. The sense of dynamism is strong. We experience it in various ways, but mostly as a presence that is not static at all, but vigorous and alive. The vigor is exhilarating and energizing, giving a sense of power and creativity. We feel it as presence, as the immediate sense of substantial being, but this presence has an excitatory quality that brings a tremendous dynamism to our experience. We sense the immense underlying dynamism of the universe, as the force, will, and energy of Being responsible for all manifestation, change, and transformation.

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