Excerpt About Dynamic Presence

Getting Accustomed to a Particular Way that Being Manifests Itself

We can think of reality as a living, dynamic beingness that has infinite possibilities of revealing itself, of revealing its nature and its manifestations. And it reveals those manifestations in time and space. Time and space is the projection screen that reality uses to reveal all the possibilities of experience. We ordinarily consider our experience of time and space to be normal life. However, in our ordinary experience, and in the history of the species, we have gotten accustomed to a particular way that reality manifests itself, a particular mode in which Being can present its possibilities. And that is the mode of an individual self—a self that is in the world and perceives other things. This is called the dual perspective, the dualistic view. Instead of a dynamic living reality that plays with time and space in a fluid open-ended manner, time and space are frozen in segments and partitions, constituting selves and objects, experiences and events. That is the reality to which humanity has gotten accustomed. There is a self, a human being among others, and there is the world of many things—life becomes a matter of perceiving objects and having experiences.

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