Excerpt About Divine Eros

Expanding the Range of Possible Experience

If you really love one another, you have that openness and are interested in knowing the other, so communication is immediate. It just happens. This is a simpatico kind of love. I am not saying that sexually erotic love can’t be soft, gentle, romantic, intimate and sweet; I don’t mean that it can’t include tender kissing, whispering in his ear, nibbling on her neck. In fact, all these things are important expressions of erotic love. But divine eros expands the interaction in this sphere to the entire range of experience—from delicate, tender, and open to voluptuous, strong, and intense—all the way to powerful currents of passionate desire, powerful currents of erotic movement. After a while, you don’t even know whether it is desire, love, or a rushing river of energy. They are all the same thing. True erotic interaction goes back and forth between all of these. It also is open to both sides—the active and the receptive, giving and taking.

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