Excerpt About Divine Eros

Explicitly Sexual Eros

One way divine eros expresses itself is the desire for intimacy—a loving desire to be intimate, close, to be as much in contact and in communication as possible. Love tends to bring out this type of desire. When we love somebody, we want to be intimate with that person; the movement toward intimacy is natural. We enjoy and we like being with him or her. It is natural for there to be dynamism, a flow toward being close and intimate, and to express the love together. And this intimacy can go a step further. Let’s consider the situation in which an erotic relationship includes both the divine and the sexual dimensions. Here, desire within the love relationship is for sexual intimacy, and eros becomes explicitly sexual: “I want to be close and intimate, but I also want to interact physically. And I want to interact physically in a very particular way. We may start with a hug, but that is only the beginning. And I don’t want to just wrestle!” Sexuality adds another dimension to the interaction. One wants to express pleasure in the other person in a physically intimate way. There is a desire to experience pleasure together, giving pleasure and receiving pleasure in return, but including the body in addition to all that we have described divine eros to be.

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