Excerpt About Divine Eros

The Need for Authenticity in the Contact between Two People

The sense of connectedness and contact and the sense of personalness are what characterize a true relationship. These qualities of personalness, contact, and connection are necessary for divine eros to emerge in the interactive field. Divine eros is deep and subtle and requires a great deal of authenticity in the contact between two people; otherwise, it says, “Not interested! This is not a hospitable environment . . . this consciousness is too crude for me . . .” In addition, to have a relationship of true personalness, true contact—whether you have eye contact, physical contact, or just consciousness contact—both the quality of presence and the communication need to also have an openness. I mean an openness in which neither person is trying to defend himself or herself, or selfishly trying to gain an advantage; instead, each person is committed to being authentic and allowing both parties to find out what is possible for the relationship.

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