Excerpt About Divine Eros

Understanding What the Divine Eros Is

On the other hand, some spiritual teachings specifically encourage engagement with practice rather than adherence to belief. When these practices are engaged separate from the demands of daily life, they enable one to get in touch with the presence of freedom to one degree or another, and to experience and feel in a fundamental way the spaciousness and presence of one’s nature. But to authentically become who and what we are, to know the presence of that spiritual nature, and at the same time to walk in the world, have our relationships, and enjoy our lives—all as one unified experience—is rare. Still, it is possible. Throughout this book, we will be investigating and understanding for ourselves these areas of our experience—our spiritual and secular sides—which appear as polarities upon first reflection, to help us identify the common elements in them. To aid in our discovery of what divine eros is, it will be useful to understand the interrelationship of these elements. And ultimately to recognize that love is both the bridge and the entryway into the center point where these polarities meet.

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