Excerpt About Divine Eros

Seeing that Passion and Selfless Love are the Same

I use words that sometimes are difficult to understand, such as “primordial” or “eternal”; but they have very specific, clear, definite meanings. “Eternally” doesn’t mean “a long time in the future.” It means “all time” because it is the now of all time. It is the source of time, before we think of time; it is what is now. In that primordial place—the fundamental condition of our awareness that is beyond our history, beyond our thinking of time in terms of past and future—when we go to the essence of our consciousness (which we can know only right now, in the very moment of our being), it is possible to see and to experience that passion and selfless love are the same. But there is a great deal of stuff in the way. Many things in our mind, in our experience, stand in the way. One is the belief of many people on the spiritual path, who take these to be two separate forces, two opposite experiences: “I have a lot of conflict in my life because I want to be realized, I want to be free, and I don’t understand how this realm of wanting and desires, needs, passion, and intensity fits with that.” The erotic is but one of these manifestations of instinctual energy. “Divine eros” means that there is a pleasurable experience that has desire, wanting, and passion in it and, at the same time, is totally loving—it is completely love, selflessness, and purity.

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