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Disidentifying Impeccably

Let’s say you are working on disidentification. You have just learned how much you identify with your emotions. How are you going to be impeccable as you learn how to disidentify? To be impeccable as you work on disidentifying with your emotions means to work on disidentification all the time. It means always paying attention and being aware of what’s happening. It doesn’t mean paying attention once and then saying, “That’s enough for today” or “This is too difficult right now; I think I’ll go to a movie. Maybe I don’t really need to disidentify so much after all. Maybe I’ll do some disidentifying later.” No. If you want to work on disidentification, you do it. That’s it—no vacations. No dropping it and leaving it behind. However, being impeccable can mean taking certain kinds of vacations. We all need vacations from what we’re doing, even though we may be doing what is healthiest for us. Let’s say you’re learning to disidentify from your emotions and you’re getting to a place in your work that is difficult. You don’t know if you can handle it any more; you don’t know if you can still give it your full attention. How can you take a vacation and still be impeccable? It is a very simple matter. You don’t just stop paying attention. You make a clear-cut decision for yourself: “For the next two hours, it is all right if I don’t work on disidentifying.” You take your vacation, your indulgence, impeccably. Who decides? You, not your indulgence. You are acknowledging your limitations, not excusing yourself. You’re giving your indulgence space, but the indulgence is not running you. You have made a conscious choice. You
stay impeccable.

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