Excerpt About Discipline

Feeling the Rightness of It

That is the basis of discipline: You do something because you love it. You feel the rightness of it. That helps you to remember your intention to practice and to persevere in following through on that intention. If the heart doesn’t feel that something is right for you, you can’t do it. You won’t feel the motive for it. When you know it’s the right thing for you, you sit to meditate, inquire, and attend to yourself through practice; you find the time because you want to, even if it is difficult.. You stay in touch with your belly and, over time, your belly starts calling you, starts rumbling when you are not paying enough attention. At some point, it sends out a message: “Hello . . . Hey! Down here . . .” You become more sensitive to your condition and feel both the connection and the disconnection from Being more distinctly. Practice increases presence and awareness in depth and intensity, and as your presence expands and becomes more accessible, you become more aware of its absence. Developing presence in the belly creates a center of gravity for Being, so that the perspective of the world doesn’t take you into its gravitational pull as strongly. That doesn’t mean you won’t forget, but over time, with the awakening of this center, you will become more grounded in Being. Developing this capacity for grounding begins with taking the time to do the practices you have been taught. Over time, you will see the benefits, and the center of gravity you develop will allow you to stay in touch with a deeper reality throughout the various situations in your life. In taking your practice seriously, you will be able to feel a greater capacity to follow through on your intention to be in touch with yourself, whatever state you may be in, and to be real, regardless of the condition you find yourself in and the content that life brings your way.

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