Excerpt About Diamond Vehicles

Manifestations of the Infinite Potential of the Soul

The diamond vehicles are not entities separate from the multidimensional manifold of the soul, but manifestations of its infinite potential, appearing as this manifold morphs itself into these majestic structures, as it morphs its field into sacred space. In the Diamond Approach, there is no attempt to visualize or create such forms in our consciousness. The teachers do not even describe the shapes precisely to their students. They are actual manifestations of true nature, which emerge when the soul is ready and her consciousness is oriented in a way that corresponds to a given vehicle’s mode of consciousness and operation. The inner inquiry naturally opens the soul to such manifestations; the soul does not need to know about them; she does not need to even know that such things exist. In the experience of the author, these vehicles manifested totally without any expectations or prior knowledge. Their arrival was a total surprise, and their forms and functions are beyond any human imagination or intelligence.

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