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Ripening of the Soul

The peace and contentment develop into a sense of fulfillment, as the consciousness attains a nectary fluidity, with the sweetness and aroma of apricot nectar. I feel a sense of maturation, not in terms of capacity, but in the sense of ripening. The fulfilled consciousness becomes a ripening when I experience the soul not only pliant and nectary, but full and sweet, just like a very ripe apricot. The whole soul becomes a heart, a heart full of the most flavorful apricot nectar. This ripening transubstantiates the essential state that arises during the function of teaching.

When I take the role of the teacher, I frequently experience myself as an objective presence with various capacities and facets. There is clarity and maturity, intelligence and a dynamic interplay of various aspects of essence. The state feels like being a full pearl of consciousness with clear sharp facets of various colors. I think of this state of teachership as a diamond pearl. After the realization of the absolute, I have been experiencing this state of the incomparable pearl as a manifestation of the mystery. I perceive the inner identity of the pearl as the mysterious radiant blackness of the absolute.

This state goes through a further development: As I teach a group meeting, I notice my state is the diamond pearl. However, I also feel the sense of contentment, fullness and ripening which has been my general condition for some time lately. The sense of being a juicy ripe apricot arises as the inside of the diamond pearl. I am now an objective and multifaceted personal presence, but relaxed and settled, fulfilled and ripened. Arriving home ripens the soul, and this ripening is its fulfillment.

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