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The Potential for Humanity to Develop Into a Diamond Pearl

In other words, Western culture as a whole can be seen as developing toward being a pearl, a cultural pearl rather than an individual one. To be a pearl means to be integrated in a self-organizing and cohesive manner and to function in a harmonious unified balance, just as ego strength manifests and even more so the soul's pearly individuation. And because Western thought is not anymore confined to the geographic West, but is spreading worldwide, through the transport of Western technologies and values, this pearly development may turn out to be a global one. The fact that globalization is already progressing in many sectors of human interest can be seen as indicating a movement toward an individuated unity of humanity. Furthermore, globalization may include, as an important part of it, the meeting and unification of Western and Eastern thought, in a new and novel synthesis. In other words, the movement toward globalization is bound to include thought and culture, religion and values. Such movement can be at the level of ego development, or it can move to the essential stage. And since West and East have historically differentiated in a general manner into the egoic-logical and the spiritual-nonconceptual, respectively, it would seem that such pearly integration is a distinct possibility. That will mean humanity has the possibility of developing into a species pearl, an integrated and individuated human race. We actually see, by continuing the parallel, that humanity has the potential of developing into a diamond pearl, meaning a humanity that is not only integrated and unified as one harmonious people, but as a unity precisely and clearly aware of its true nature and its connection to the wholeness of Being.

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