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The Microcosm Diamond Pearl

The microcosm diamond pearl is a soul that has individuated by the integration of her worldly experience and wisdom with the various aspects and dimensions of her true nature. It is also the individual self-realization of Being with precise awareness and discriminating basic knowledge. If Western thought has developed according to a universal pattern that expresses itself also in the development of the individual soul, then it could develop further toward a higher and more structured level of unity. In other words, we can view the dissociation of the triad in our modern and postmodern Western thought as a stage that can be followed by other stages, all natural to the development of thought. We can envision a further stage, parallel to the stage of essential development of the soul, and further still toward the stage of the microcosm diamond pearl. This will be a stage where Western thought redeems itself, just as the soul can, by finding the unity underlying its dissociation, by appreciating the value of differentiation and discrimination without having to continue the dissociation. This way it can redeem itself by integrating its discriminating knowing with its ground of Being, while still embracing and benefiting from the advancements that have resulted from its dissociation of this knowledge. Western thought then has the potential and possibility of moving to a further stage, where its science can be grounded in the presence of basic knowledge, of the nous, and where its spirituality can achieve the diamond crisp discrimination of this same basic knowledge. A true bridge will then appear between science and spirituality, to their mutual benefit and evolution.7 Just as ego development is a stage of individuation that can lead to essential individuation, Western thought has arrived at ego individuation, expressed in worldly efficient functionality; this can yet progress to essential individuation, with this functionality grounded in the presence and truth of Being. Furthermore, we can view the development of Western civilization as a cultural movement toward individuation, which has arrived only at the ego stage.

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