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The Belief that One is the Body

The next aspect that becomes dominant is what is often referred to as Cosmic Consciousness, as distinguished from personal consciousness. We can look at this from two points of view. We can see Cosmic Consciousness from the perspective of the Impersonal background, or from that of the Personal Essence. From the Impersonal it can be seen as part of the continuum that connects it to the Personal Essence; or, in other words, it is one level of reality that emerges from the Impersonal background in the process of creativity (creation) that culminates in the essential person ................... However, it is more instructive to study this dimension of Being from the other side, that of the Personal Essence. In this way we can see what ego structures need to be metabolized in the process of realizing this formless dimension. This dimension usually begins to manifest before the emergence of the Impersonal Witness; but it is not easily understood in its relation to the Personal Essence until the latter is experienced. Students usually encounter it when going beyond the ego structures of self or boundaries. The diamond issue that leads to its emergence is the belief that one is the body. As one goes beyond the ego sense of identity or the ego boundaries, one learns that these ego structures are based on the belief that one is the body.

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