Excerpt About Diamond Approach

Learning to Be Ourselves
We learn to be ourselves by recognizing the truth of our experience. • We cannot recognize the truth of our experience if we don’t know where we are in the moment. • We won’t recognize where we are if we resist being where we are. Not allowing ourselves to be where we are prevents us from understanding our experience for what it is, and we won’t see the truth of the situation. • When we don’t see the truth of the situation, it is because something is obstructing the shaft of light that could be breaking through. Practically speaking, what this comes down to is that we need to be able to see where we are. Now where we are is not what we are—at least at the beginning of the path. What we are is our True Self, our True Nature. But we have already seen that by understanding where we are right now, we can recognize our distance from our True Nature.

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