Excerpt About Destiny

The Potential and Destiny of Human Beings

Sometimes when people try to do this Work and believe it is not working, it is often the case that they have been searching for something, or trying to get rid of something, and it has not worked. They have been doing everything but working on understanding themselves and their situation. This activity of seeking and trying to change things is nothing but moving undigested food around; pushing it around doesn’t help digestion, so it cannot lead to transformation. Understanding requires that you are deeply present, really there. You simply are, your beingness is in intimate contact with whatever arises, whether it be thoughts, perceptions, feelings, or contact with your situation. From this conjunction of life experience and Being arises the functional aspect of Being, the mature human individual, what we call the Personal Essence. Understanding is a process by which the human being, or Personal Essence, develops and matures. Of course, we could go into all kinds of details about the process of understanding—what stops it, and so on. But from the beginning, we need to see that understanding is not a matter of searching, hoping, desiring, or going after anything. It is a matter of being here, now, in your very experience, and coming in direct, undefended contact with your experience. It is a natural process of development and unfoldment if you don’t resist it; it is what is supposed to happen to a human being anyway. That is our potential and our destiny.

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