Excerpt About Death

The Perspective of Life and Death as Concepts
Recognizing the living quality of soul allows us to understand many significant aspects of the spiritual path. For instance, we see more precisely the similarities and differences between soul and essence. Essence is a conscious presence, like the soul. However, essence is only a conscious presence, while soul is not only a conscious presence but also a living presence. This is the main distinction between essence and soul. In some sense, we can say essence is more basic than soul, more fundamental, more primordial, because it is simpler; it is prior to life. It is beyond life and beyond death. From the perspective of essence, life and death are concepts. However, we can also say that soul is more than essence - she contains essence as her primordial ground, but she possesses other dimensions. Soul has infinite potential, which expresses itself as life. One of the main expressions of this life is biological life. The life of soul is also beyond death, because it is beyond biological life.

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