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Life is a Property that the Soul Gives to the Body
When we are in the presence of the recently dead it is possible to see that when the body dies it loses not only aliveness but also something much bigger, something that has life. It loses the soul that gave it life, but that also gave the person many other characteristics, some in common with other persons, and some unique to this particular person. We might need to be attuned to recognize this loss, and we possibly need to be sensitive and receptive to see it clearly. However, this sense of the loss of the soul in a corpse is a common perception, and the sense that the corpse has been vacated is also common and unmistakably clear. Death seems to come when the soul vacates the body. The loss of life is identical to the loss of the soul. It is clear then that life is a property that the soul gives to the body. As the soul leaves the body, she takes away life with her, for life is one of her basic properties. If we have subtle perception, we might be able to perceive that some kind of consciousness or presence has left the body. We might be able to sense or perceive this presence, depending on how sensitive we have been to our experience of soul. Individuals who have learned to experience their souls directly will generally be able to perceive the soul when she leaves the body. She is the same soul, whether occupying the body or not.

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