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Crystal Dimension
We call this dimension of nonconceptual Reality the crystal dimension. The forms of the world appear in this dimension of true nature as shapes and colors nonconceptual presence takes. There is no knowing, but these forms are the same ones that become knowable at the dimension of pure presence. At the dimension of pure presence we saw them as noetic forms. But since these are the same forms that appear at the nonconceptual dimension, we refer to them in this dimension as prenoetic forms. They are prenoetic just as pure awareness, nonconceptual presence, is prenoetic presence. It ontologically precedes the knowing dimension, but is a ground for it. In other words, all forms appear as fundamentally prenoetic because they can and do become noetic when true nature manifests its noetic dimension. In normal experience, the nonconceptual and noetic dimensions are present simultaneously, for we both perceive and know in the same instant of experience.

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