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Soul’s Fear of Her Vulnerability

For the soul to let go of her rigidity means not only surrendering her defenses and protective strategies, but also the ego structures that give her the sense of self and identity. She feels that she will be naked, unprotected, and vulnerable. To be impressionable means to her to be vulnerable to all external and internal influences, without being able to pick and choose, or to control her life. She believes she will be prey to dangerous or unwholesome influences, influences that do not have her safety and well-being in mind. She is afraid not only of being harmed, but of being manipulated, even destroyed and annihilated. We all have such fears and such distrust. It manifests in many ways, some of which are:
• The need for control of one's life, experience, inner process, relationships, etc.
• Rigidity in structure and character. Rigidity can be a way of not allowing oneself to be influenced, not allowing what one considers external influences to affect one. Rigidity may be evident in inner psychological states, religious convictions, ideological positions, and political opinions, as well as in other attitudes, tastes, and preferences.
Willfulness, an active way of being rigid and having control. Control can be both passive and aggressive.

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