Excerpt About Control

When Surrendering Control Brings Uncontrollable Sweetness

In the realm of the heart, there is no separation. That’s why attachment and enmeshment are actually fake; they substitute for and imitate the real love situation. In the real love situation, all the windows are opened— there are no protections, no attempt at protection, there is no holding back. It is not a question of being fully present; you’re so present that you’re gone. You are just a sweetness. The windows and the doors are so opened that there is no you and other. There is just one; the one is sweetness, love and appreciation. There’s a playfulness; two hearts are singing in one voice. With your beloved you are truthful, you are completely truthful, not by being objective, but by being completely surrendered. You’re not trying to pretend anything, present anything, hold back anything, protect anything, control anything. You’re a song, an uncontrollable sweetness—a fragrance.

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