Excerpt About Commitment

Gradations in Commitment

Commitment is also connected with belief and faith. If you believe in something, you have faith in it, and you tend to commit yourself. The more you have faith in it, the more you tend to commit yourself. If you have faith in the Virgin Mary, you might commit yourself to going to church more often. You might commit yourself to saying your prayers morning and evening, putting your effort and your will into remembering to say them. At the beginning, commitment depends on belief and on faith. But just as faith can be based on direct perception, so can commitment be based on direct perception. So there are gradations in commitment or in strength of commitment; there is belief, faith, and knowledge. If you have no belief in something, you have no commitment. If you have strong faith in something, you have a lot of commitment. If you know something, then you have even more commitment. If you have complete knowledge of something, then you have complete commitment. What does it mean to have complete commitment?

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