Excerpt About Commitment

Fears of Loss of Identity

This may well be true, but it doesn’t solve anything. Students try to be committed, but we know now that the issue of commitment is related to some very deep difficulties. We know, for instance, that for a person to be able to really commit to the Work, she has to deal with her unconscious fears about separation. There is a deep fear in all of us of losing our sense of identity, our sense of who we are, our separateness, our individuality. Although there is no real loss of these things in the Work—quite the opposite in fact—there are genuine reasons for these fears. They come from unconscious beliefs that originated in infancy. The unconscious believes that if the person commits herself, she’s going to lose herself. There is a sense in which this is true. When we do the Work, we go through a separation from the false personality with which we are identified in the beginning. To maintain a commitment to the Work, we must work through these fears of loss of identity. Only then is it possible to see and develop our true identity.

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