Excerpt About Coemergence

Presence and Emptiness Always Underlie Manifestation

Like all the dimensions of descent, the quintessential dimension points to the fact that presence and emptiness always underlie manifestation. This particular dimension more significantly points to the fact that the quintessence of Reality is not simply presence and emptiness, but their coemergence. The ground dimension, for instance, has both emptiness and presence, but the two dimensions are not mixed all the way, not completely coemergent. They are distinctly differentiated from each other, a differentiation that is more clearly delineated in the integrated dimension of descent. In this latter dimension the lack of coemergence appears as a hierarchy of differentiated dimensions. The quintessential dimension reveals the more complete truth, that although the dimensions are functionally hierarchical they are not actually or ultimately differentiated. They are totally mixed, completely coextensive. To understand this coemergence we use an analogy. Let’s say that presence is the front of a coin and emptiness is its back. Now slice this coin into two coins. Again, the front is presence and the back is emptiness. Keep halving its thickness, each time resulting with presence at the front and emptiness at the back. Continue this process indefinitely until we arrive at thickness of zero. Now the front is presence and the back is emptiness; but now the front and the back are the same thing, for there is no more thickness. In other words, we arrive at the condition where presence and emptiness are undifferentiated. They are actually this way throughout the thickness of the original coin. This is their coemergence. We need to remember that the absolute truth is non-spatial, and hence its inseparability from manifestation inevitably means coemergence. It is inseparable from any of its manifestations and therefore absolutely coemergent with all the manifest dimensions.

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